8 Week Allotment Challenge

allotment challenge list

Why not join me in my 8 week allotment challenge?

Each week there will be a theme or activity to get involved in. We’ll start on the first week of May but you can join in at any time and schedule the weeks when they suit your starting date. You don’t have to have an allotment, any garden will do!

allotment challenge list

The challenges are as follows:

Week 1 – Plant something colourful.
This can be flowers or vegetables. Wether it’s a pot full of tulips, a hanging basket of fuscias or brightly coloured carrots. This week is all about adding colour!

Week 2 – Build a bug hotel using things you find. Attracting beneficial insects to your plot is really important for pollination and pest control. This week we will build a bug hotel using things we find around the plot and maybe some recycled materials. This will provide shelter for many beneficial insects on your plot.

Week 3 – Make a nature mandala. We all know the benefits of gardening on our mental health and a great way to relax your mind is to make a mandala.

Week 4 – Cook something using your produce. This is always the best bit of having an allotment or kitchen garden, eating what you grow! This week we will start to enjoy reaping what we sow by cooking up some tasty treats.

Week 5 – Share your produce with family and friends. Following on from last week where we cooked our produce, we will be sharing our pickings with friends and family either by dropping off produce at someone’s door or cooking it up and providing something delicious to eat.

Week 6 – Make a bird feeder using recycled items. We will be looking at different ways to use items destined for the recycling bin to make some lovely feeders for our feathered friends.

Week 7 – Build something tall. How tall a structure can you build this week? We’re looking at strawberry towers, runner bean teepees or cucumber climbing frames. How tall will yours be?

Week 8 – Reflect on your success this year. This may seem like a bit of a cop-out activity but reflection on successes is so important. We will look at everything that is GREAT about your allotment or garden and share it with the world. Be proud of your achievements!

Are you joining in?

Please let me know if you’re joining in with my 8 week allotment challenge, it’s always great to see what you’re up to and even better to see what others come up with during the challenges!


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