About Me

A young family digging their way to healthier living.

My name is Jade and I am AllotMum.

On a rainy, windy day in October 2017 I became the proud owner of an allotment plot in the South Wales valleys. Little did my young family realise that this small piece of land would become an obsession, a reason for getting up in the morning and an adventure into healthier eating for all of us.

On a wet and windy day…

I dug my first hole in an allotment that would become my saving grace. After struggling with depression on and off for a few years, I became happier and more driven than I had been in a long time.

I had an enormous sense of pride in the little plot. It was my baby. A way to show the world and ultimately myself, that I was good at something and that I could succeed in growing food for my family.