Gardening through Coronavirus

We all know about what is happening with the spreading of Covid-19 across the world. I’m not going to go into details but here are my tips to gardening through Coronavirus safely.

Since the ‘lockdown’, I’ve been at home with my husband and two kids, trying to keep the kids entertained and stopping them arguing is difficult. We have been getting outside as much as we can (while practising social distancing of course).

We are fortunate that our allotment is less than a mile away from our home and we’ve been using the good weather as an opportunity to ride our bikes there and back and enjoy a few hours at our plot. We are of course, making sure we are keeping ourselves as well as the others who use the allotments safe as well. Our allotments are council run but we have a committee who is responsible for the running and regulations of the site. 

Here’s what you can do to make sure you are safe:
  • Not using the car to travel to the allotment when possible
  • Leave gates open permanently so people do not have to touch them to enter the site
  • Always carry a bar of soap and handgel
  • Bring enough water to drink (we use a camel back) so we don’t have to use the shared facilities
  • close allotment shops so people are not congregating or exchanging products/money
  • Stay a safe distance from other plot holders
  • Don’t the communal toilet (when possible) try and go before leaving home
  • Take all rubbish home with you
  • Keep kids close and within eyesight so they don’t get closer to anyone
  • Don’t take your dog/pets. It encourages people to get too close
  • Don’t tools/taps with anyone
  • If delivering plants/seeds, always leave them in someone’s greenhouse/shed and not handover personally

So please enjoy your allotments responsibly. It’s a wonderful way to exercise and continue gardening through Coronavirus and be somewhat self sufficient. It’s also great for good mental wellbeing and it’s fun!

Do you have any more tips for being safe on your allotment? Please share in the comments.

Stay safe everyone x

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