My dodgy looking seed station

The weather had a small break between snow and torrential rain this weekend and that always makes me want to start planting. The ground is still far too cold and wet to put much in the ground other than peas or broad beans so now is the time to get seeds sown.

My house is SE facing, which means the front windows get sun for most of the day but the back of the house gets none at all. Any seeds sown in the kitchen desperately try to reach the light through the patio doors and end up being weak and leggy. On the flip side the seeds sown at the front of the house flourish very quickly and tend to outgrow their pots quite quickly and also become quite weak from over exposure to the sun. So I decided to upgrade my seed station this year.

I’ve always used one of those cheap plastic mini greenhouses to start my seeds off, mainly to keep them safe from our cats, who love to dig in pots of soil – the buggers.

Now the cheap plastic greenhouse has gone turbo. I’ve kitted it out with full spectrum UV strip lights and two mini heated propagators that I bought in the Wilko garden sale last year.

But the problem is that it looks a little… dodgy. Neighbours next door may wonder what it is I’m actually growing in there…

I can imagine the house call. “No officer, I understand you had to check but honestly those are chillis, they are cucumbers and those there are agastache.”

Anyone else turbo charged their seed propagation?

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