Young Allotmenteers and Growers Facebook page

There’s a great new group on the rise for young people who have allotments or grow their own. Young allotmenteers & growers.

Born out of a need for connecting with fellow young growers it was started very recently but is gaining some serious traction.

While there isn’t a strict age limit for joining the group, it’s aimed at those under 30 (ish) to share growing tips, pictures and articles related to all things allotments and growing your own.

While the younger generation appreciate growing advice from many of the “old boys” on the plots, young people are still a small minority on the allotment scene and don’t always feel like they have a voice or that their opinions matter on their allotments. Many allotment members are of the older and retired generation, some of whom have had their allotments for many years, decades even. Some of the advice given like shooting rats, or poisoning them or using glyphosphate on weeds is a little outdated and don’t fit with the growing style many young gardeners are following.

With techniques like no-dig, permaculture, organic and hydroponic growing not being frequent terms used by many seasoned gardeners, it’s a fresh change to be in a group of like-minded individuals who are sharing such ideals.

I’m really happy to be a part of it and looking forward to how the group can develop. There are some great ideas flowing already and if you want to get in on the group, the link is here.